Notice for Institute E-mail IDs

Computer & Informatics Center would be issuing institute e-mail ids to all the students of IIT Kharagpur.


The format of the e-mail id will be <Roll number>

For example: The e-mail id of the student with the roll no. 08CS1001 would be


The account can be accessed as follows:

  1. Open IIT Kharagpur’s website
  2. Click on Webmail (under the Quick Links section)
  3. Select “Zimbra (within institute LAN)” if you are accessing the mail through the institute LAN. If you are accessing the mail outside the institute, then select “Zimbra (outside institute LAN)”.
  4. Enter your roll number in the ‘Username’ field.
  5. Enter your date of birth in ddmmyyyy format in the ‘Password’ field. In case your birth date falls in 1st – 9th day of the month then enter the password in dmmyyyy format.

For example: The password of a student whose date of birth is 19 April 1989 will be 19041989 and of a student whose date of birth is 9 April 1989 will be 9041989.

  1. After the first login you will be given the option to change the password.
  2. Login with the new password henceforth.


All the communication by the institute would be done through these e-mail ids.


All students are requested to login into their accounts and change the password. The students also have the option of assigning an alias e-mail id. This e-mail service can be accessed by the students at anytime from anywhere and would be a communication link between the student and the institute.


The institute ERP is coming up with a new facility which will allow the faculty to directly communicate with students via e-mail through the ERP. This communication would be done through the institute e-mail only.


Students who have already an Institute e-mail id please upload the same id in the following link in the ERP [for UG (Academic->UG->Update and Print Student Profile), PG (Academic->PG->Update and Print Student Profile), Research (Academic->MS/RS->Edit Student Profile)]. Please enter your previous e-mail id in the field labeled: ‘ Your Institute given previous mail id which is to be deleted after transferring of data to the new e-mail id’. Please transfer all your mails in the new Institute mail Id. (This will release space so that 1st year and 2nd year UG student can be given new mail account). You can use the email id of the old mail account as an alias of the new account. After transferring all previous mails into the new account the old email account will be deleted. It is requested, the students should intimate to Sys Admin of CIC ( or ERP system so that the old account can be purged. There will be a time span of maximum one month, after that the old account will be automatically deleted.


Prateek Agarwal
Vice President
Technology Students’ Gymkhana



  1. It is advisable for all the final year students to check their institute e-mail accounts regularly. All the information regarding the convocation would be communicated to the institute e-mail id only.
  2. Computer & Informatics Center has created the institute e-mail ids for all the students in the campus (Undergraduate, Post graduate, Research Scholars) except the 1st year and 2nd year undergraduate students. Their accounts will be created very soon. All students are requested to login into their accounts and change the passwords as early as possible.


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  1. A.S. says:

    Can you clarify the concept of aliasing new email id with the new one, and how can that be done.

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