Kshitij Day 0 : Guest Lectures

Ajay BhattDay 0 of Kshitij 2012 saw Kharagpur playing host to two of the most eminent personalities science and technology has known. The guests lectures by Ajay Bhatt, the ‘co-creator’ of the USB as he likes to call himself, and by Dr Holger Nielsen, the father of the string theory, were major draws as was evident by the jam-packed Kalidas Auditorium. The two lectures were contrasting in style and substance but kept the audience engrossed nevertheless. Ajay Bhatt, known to the public by the famous Intel advertisement, spoke in length about the latest technologies that Intel comes up with to maximize the PC experience for the customer and their efforts and plans to deliver products that are smaller and faster. Dr Nielson, on the other hand, delved deep into the theoretical aspects of his theory s he examined its effectiveness, flaws and the possibility of the existence of the ‘Theory of Everything’. While Ajay Bhatt’s exuded a sense of professionalism in his presentation, Dr Nielsen on the other hand peppered his talks with humour. All in all, the lectures were a fitting start to the latest edition of the Kshitij.

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