Khoj !!

Khoj is the annual treasure hunt organized by Azad Hall of Residence exclusively for undergraduate and postgraduate freshers. It is the first of a long list of events organized by senior halls to help acclimatize fresher students to the institute and its environs. Khoj has always been hugely popular among the first year undergraduate students, as it is the first campus wide event that is about enjoyment, cycling long distances, getting to know seniors and other batch mates better, and win money and prizes while at it. Past editions have seen up to 180 teams register for the event, and a participation of over 700 people. It also draws a large participation from 1 st year postgraduate students, with close to a hundred students signing up last year.

The time of the treasure hunt is imaginably an enjoyably chaotic one, with students tearing around on the only mode of transport allowed for the event – their bicycles. Clues point them to obvious destinations like the Central Library and various departments, and other not so obvious ones like the Regional Development Center, the Vikram Sarabhai Center and even a few famous trees on campus. Throughout, freshers look forward to interacting with senior students and gathering information and tips on various issues they face on campus – both academic and otherwise.

This event is a financially independent one, with students of Azad Hall arranging sponsorships to cover for costs and prizes. This year, Macintel Solutions-Kolkata, Partnering Apple Computer in Eastern India will be putting up a stall at the Gymkhana grounds demonstrating the world renowned Apple products & service for the knowledge & benefit of the Students mass and the Faculty members. The stall shall be open from 10:30 onwards for the visitors.

Overall, Khoj holds a special place in every first year’s mind and calendar. More so for all those allotted Azad Hall the following year, as they get the opportunity to organize subsequent editions of this event.

This year’s edition of Khoj will be held on September 1st. So freshers, stay sharp for notices !

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