KGP Debate Club

The Malaysian veteran of many international debates, Iqbal Hafeidz, said of IITians, “You can argue really well. In fact, I have learnt a thing or two about argument myself from you guys. However, what you need to work on is presenting your arguments in a lucid, structured form – debate.”

The Debate Club took form as an official society (officially under the ambit of the Technology Literary Society) this year. The aim of the society is to serve as a platform for avid debaters and help build a debating culture on campus. They currently debate in the 3-on-3 Asians Parliamentary Debate format, wherein two teams of three take on each other in a systematic and logic-centric battle of wits. This format is very popular in south-east Asia, with national contests organized annually at reputed institutions such as National Law School, Bangalore. Among IITs, Bombay, Delhi and Guwahati also have established debating societies.

Members of the club have represented the institute at various events across the country, finishing third at IIT Guwahati’s tech fest, Techniche. The club, while conducting selections to induct a starting group, encourages anyone interested in debating to join its practice sessions. Future plans include conducting debating workshops open to all students of the institute and practicing the internationally recognized British Parliamentary format. The governors can be contacted at Here’s wishing the club all the very best for its future endeavors

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