Inter IIT Hockey: One step further?

It was an agonizing defeat to IIT Bombay in the quarter finals last year which dashed KGP’s hopes for a medal. Neither the 70 minute game nor the 8-second rule could distinguish between the teams and it was only when the game went into sudden death that KGP faltered. KGP’s hockey team, lead by Lukeshwar Singh will look to go one step further this year, in Guwahathi and win a medal.

Our contingent this year will probably include 6 new players, one of whom is a first year. However, the team members are confident that the first timers will be able to match the skills of the players they are replacing.

The team’s rigorous practice schedule involves 45 minutes of conditioning and 2 hours of practice. Although the monsoon did hamper their practice sessions, the players maintained fitness through regular conditioning.

The hockey team is one of the few teams in kgp that has a permanent coach and the players are satisfied with his work. There aren’t any grouses regarding the field either, unlike last year when the goal posts were removed to make way for other events.

The players aren’t overly concerned about their grouping, and are hopeful of a better performance this year. Everything seems to be in the team’s favour. Let’s hope they come back with a medal this year.

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