Inter-IIT Badminton: A closer glance

After its mediocre performance last year, the squad for Badminton is all geared up to win laurels for KGP this time around. The team seems to have left no stone unturned in their practice  for the upcoming Inter-IIT in December.

The team has been following a strict regime these past two months that includes an hour of conditioning in the morning and over two hours of rigorous practice in the evening. Despite having come late in the session and being present only during the weekends, Coach Chandan Pramanik has proved to be of immense help to the players. They have been pitted against some of the best shutters from his coaching institute, helping them gauge their performance and hone their skills. While the lack of tournaments organised by the Gymkhana and the removal of Shourya have been a great set back in terms of practice and exposure to competition, the players have been practicing longer and with more gusto than ever before.

While the team bears the brunt of losing outgoing players like Raj Patel, Asit Godbole and Kislaya Dubey, new and promising talents like Bhargav and Saaket Prakash have surfaced this year. The women’s squad is a huge improvement from last year and we can look forward to a medal from them as well. With all this going for the players, nothing short of a bronze is expected of the squad this December. Let’s hope all the sweat and hard work pays off for them.

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