General Security Guidelines

It is brought to the kind notice of all the people (residents / student / supplier / vendor / visitors / others) that laid down security guidelines are not being observed in the campus, thereby causing inconvenience and difficulty to themselves as well as security guards posted at different gates / locations.

In view of the above, it is obligatory for all of us to strictly observe all security guidelines which are enumerated below:

(a) All employee / casual labour / supplier / vendor / visitors must carry their Identity Card and entry passes while entering / moving inside the IITKGP campus. This card should be shown on demand to the security personnel.  In case you do not have identity card/ entry pass kindly get it issued from following offices:

(i)  All Institute employees: Establishment Section.

(ii)  All  project staff: SRIC

(iii) All Institute students: Deputy / Assistant Registrar (Academic)

(iv)  All outsourced manpower: Respective contractor

(v)   All shopkeepers: CELC office

(vi)  All other individuals attached/associated with establishment located inside IIT Campus: Issued from respective offices and campus entry pass from Security Section, IIT Kharagpur

(b) The stickers issued to bonafide resident’s vehicle from Security Section must be prominently displayed and must be used only on the vehicle it has been issued for. In case you do not have the sticker then download the form which is provided as attachment.   Fill up the form and submit to security office along with requisite documents mentioned in the form and get the sticker issued on all working days from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs.

(c) All Non IIT vehicle / visitors intend to enter the campus needs to fill up their particular in the  visitor book available on all gates and visitors will be issued with ‘Daily entry pass’ by on-duty security guard.  After completion of work, visitors will move out from the campus preferably by the same gate and surrender ‘Daily entry pass’ to security personnel posted at the gate.

(d) Parking of vehicle at any place is at owner’s risk. Parking of vehicle in the designated place, without a valid sticker, is not permitted.

(e) Speed limit of any powered vehicle within the campus is 30 kmph unless otherwise specified.

(f) All students and persons below the age of 18 yrs are not permitted to drive powered vehicle.  However some senior PHD / QIP / Defense officer students are permitted only to drive powered vehicle inside the academic / residential area with the prior permission of Dean, SA.

(g) Blowing of horns near the hospital, school, administration building, academic area and hostel area is not permitted.

(h) Consumption of alcohol at public places inside the campus and possession and consumption of alcohol inside hostel premises is not allowed.

(i)  Driving vehicles abreast and towing of cycles by powered vehicle is not permitted.  Driving of two wheelers with more than one pillion rider is not permitted.

(j) Unauthorized stay and/or movement of any person on the campus are not allowed.

(k) No car / auto / van / lorry belonging to a non-resident can be parked overnight in the campus premises.  Such parking will be allowed only on specific request by concerned offices / individual with the permission of the Security Officer.

(l) Any item lost / found by any person must be brought to the notice of the security control room / office.

(m) Lighting of open fire, dry leaves burn on the campus is not allowed.  In this relates any ceremony / celebration, the security office must be informed in advance so that appropriate measures can be taken.

(n) Playing of loudspeaker / loud sound output equipment is not permissible.  Police guidelines must be strictly followed.

(o) Pedestrian / cyclist must always use their pathway, which is recently made in and around the academic area.

(p) Special permission must be obtained in case of night work and work on holiday.

(q) Banners and posters can be displayed only with prior permission at designated places.

(r) Still and video photography can be done only with prior permission from Registrar / Security Officer.

(s) Trafficking in / or possession of any type of drugs is a punishable offence and is completely banned inside the IIT Kharagpur campus.

(t) Duty Officer / Security Control Room / Quick Response Team must be contacted immediately for any security assistance on the following phone / cell Numbers:

i.       Security Control Room (IIT): 282751  & 281001

ii.      Duty Officer / Inspector: 9647262265

iii.     Quick Response Team: 281002   &  281003

The above guidelines are for the benefit of one and all.  Kindly adhere to them and cooperate with the security staff to make this campus safe and secure.

(S. S. Jha)

Security Officer)


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