General Secretary Technology ’14 – A Review of all the Third Proposals

Five candidates are contesting for this post, each having 3 proposals. The aim of publishing the entire set of third proposals of all 5 is to bring about better comparison among the candidates and help you, the voter, to make an informed choice. The name of each candidate links to his profile. We have stated each proposal and its synopsis, both strictly based on material the candidate sent us, while the critical analyses are our personal views. If any candidate or non-contesting person wishes to reply, he/she is welcome to do so here or by sending us an email at  May the best candidates get elected.

Shobhit Goel

Proposal: To start a Data Analytics Society under the banner of Technology Students’ Gymkhana

Synopsis: The society is inspired by the demand for data analytics in various big name corporations, and will aim to develop knowledge on softwares like MATLAB and statistical analysis tools among students. The society will conduct fortnightly workshops and execute projects.

Critical Analysis: Data analytics is a raging field today, especially when it comes to placements, no doubt about that. Knowledge of MATLAB, which is much, much more than just a data analytics software, is also required for many engineering branches. If implemented efficiently, this society can become an extremely useful one. The scope of the projects is rather vague though.

Abhay Srivastava

Proposal: To introduce a biannual newsletter that would contain various matters related to technology

Synopsis: Content development to be done by the Technology Literary Society and will feature information on the Technology GC, relevant gymkhana societies and interviews from professors and alumni. 7,000 copies of this 6-page newsletter to be printed and distributed. (And by the way, biannual means twice a year, not once in 2 years).

Critical Analysis: Implementation is a pretty severe issue here. Interviews from ‘distinguished alumni’ and ‘respected professors’ do not come easily. Also, without the absence of a dedicated technical team (which TLS isn’t) in charge of the newsletter, there exists the possibility of this degrading to simply a publicity brochure for the Technology GC events. The author also wonders how exactly this would significantly enhance the average person’s technical awareness, given the general aversion to reading among kids of today.

M. Siddharth

Proposal: Open House Exhibition

Synopsis: The exhibition provides a platform where professors and students can present their current running projects/proposed projects, along with proper media coverage and a website which showcases all projects and their details.

Critical Analysis: Promises of media coverage for some of KGP’s flagship events have been made before, but not kept. This proposal seems extremely idealistic as getting all professors and students under one roof to showcase all the research work being done by them is impractical to be carried out as single event. The time frame hasn’t been discussed and the decision to launch a single website to showcase all research work is a extremely generic. One already has departmental websites dedicated to this task.

Raja Ambrish

Proposal: To conduct workshops on ‘Data Analytics & Case Study’ for increasing the employability of students of IIT Kharagpur

Synopsis: The workshop on Data Analytics will be conducted over a span of two days and run for 8 hours each day, with topics like Machine Learning, Data Mining, and tools of Data Analytics being covered. The Case Study workshop will be conducted in association with IIT KGP’s B-Club and will focus on sample case studies and related tools/techniques. The workshops would be held in the Autumn semester, around August-September.

Critical Analysis: This is a decent proposal, as the fields of data analytics and case studies are extremely relevant when it comes to placements (helped by the fact that IIT KGP’s core engineering placement scenario seems to be heading south). But we feel the details are somewhat insufficient. Pertinent implementation aspects such as which companies would be associated with the workshop, who it will be open to and most importantly, how a host of complicated topics and software can be efficiently taught in a couple of days (even while assuming 8 hours a day), are missing.

Anupam Pedarla

Proposal: To conduct Awareness sessions in all halls of residence from where there is considerably lesser participation in the Technology General Championship

Synopsis: These sessions are targeted towards PG and 1st year UG students and will be conducted by one of the Technology General Secretaries and the Post Graduate Representative. Details regarding the Technology General Championship would be explained and handouts elaborating the events would be distributed. Interested students can sign up for particular events and they would be guided by the respective student advisors.

Critical Analysis: Proposal-wise, it seems to be an alternate version of the orientation programme that undergraduate second years experience at the beginning of the year. That way, there is no novelty in this at all. However, we were struck by the outreach and kind of publicity for technical events this candidate has managed to garner in LBS hall of residence (of which he is currently the G.Sec Technology) through an attractively designed newsletter. This speaks of the volume of effort put in, but apart from that, there is little to suggest what concrete good can come out of simple awareness sessions in various halls.

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