General Secretary Technology ’14 – A Review of all the Second Proposals

Five candidates are contesting for this post, each having 3 proposals. The aim of publishing the entire set of second proposals of all 5 is to bring about better comparison among the candidates and help you, the voter, to make an informed choice. The name of each candidate links to his profile. We have stated each proposal and its synopsis, both strictly based on material the candidate sent us, while the critical analyses are our personal views. If any candidate or non-contesting person wishes to reply, he/she is welcome to do so here or by sending us an email at  May the best candidates get elected.


Shobhit Goel

Proposal: To initiate Open IIT Technology Events under the banner of Technology Students’ Gymkhana

Synopsis: There will be at least 5 events – Tech Quiz, Biz Quiz, Math Olympiad, Case Study and Ad Design. Other events based on Inter IIT Tech Meet events would also be introduced. These events aim improve the participation of freshers, 2nd years and PG students in Tech events as well as the preparation of students for Inter IIT Tech Meet.

Critical Analysis: The concept of trying to increase fresher and postgraduate extra-curricular participation through the introduction of more open-IIT events has been stated by lots of previous candidates. As for training people for the inter-IIT tech meet, 2 problems exist. As already discussed, the inter-IIT events will not be known in August-September, when we assume the open-IITs will be held. Secondly, the list of events sounds like a trial run for the interhalls rather than the open-IITs. We would also like to point out that collaboration with spAts, the Kalpana Chawla Space Centre and revival of the erstwhile Astro Club would help in the inter-IIT event Messier Marathon, if it is held again.


Abhay Srivastava

Proposal: To facilitate seed funding for the winners of Product design and Hardware Modelling by contacting the concerned companies

Synopsis: The winning entries in the events Hardware Modelling and Product Design will be given the opportunity to further develop their ideas by receiving funding from prospective companies looking to market that product / hardware.

Critical Analysis: This proposal has its head in the clouds but suffers from lack of implementation details. First of all, we believe the goal of IIT KGP’s SRIC (Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy) is similar, as in, it provides students funding for novel ideas and technologies developed and promotes industrial-academia collaborations. In fact, this proposal should consider collaborations with SRIC, RMSoEE, STEP, etc. This proposal definitely will provide students with a great platform to see their brainwaves being implemented, but exactly how this will be made official and details about the channelisation of company’s funds have not been provided. Having said that, this proposal may open doors to prospective summer internships.


M. Siddharth

Proposal: To increase the output of the Technology General Championship by archiving the submissions of various events

Synopsis: An online portal will be created, accessible to everyone inside and outside the campus, to store all submissions, presentations and questionnaires (Maths olympiad) of all the Technology GC events.

Critical Analysis: This proposal is simple to implement and also very practical. We feel this is an excellent and very achievable idea that will preserve and showcase the brainwaves and hard work of campus students. A potentially important aspect that has been overlooked is a student’s possible desire to patent his/her creation, which would mean it should be hidden from the public eye. Also, perhaps a filtration process which ensures only the better and refreshingly original ideas are preserved will make for a better exhibition of KGP’s talent.


Raja Ambrish

Proposal: To introduce a ‘Data Analytics’ event in the Technology General Championship

Synopsis: The problem statement for this event will be provided by a company, whose representatives will judge the event. The event would be conducted in the month of January or October.

Critical Analysis: Does everyone know what data analytics is? Well, that seems to be tackled in the 3rd proposal. Coming to the specifics of the event, the author is forced to scratch his head and take shots in the dark, because absolutely no specifics have been provided except for the tentative dates. At least the team size and event duration should have been mentioned.


Anupam Pedarla

Proposal: To introduce a Finance Club on campus

Synopsis: The club aims to enhance the knowledge of Finance among students and help them plan for the same as an alternate career. It would consist of 5‐8 tutors from VGSoM and 10‐12 tutors from other Departments/Schools/Centers, who would conduct open house knowledge sharing sessions. An online portal would be launched where study material and assignments would be uploaded. The management team of this club would be responsible for conducting guest lectures, workshops and competitions like Equity Research Report, Finance Quiz, Basic Finance Modelling and Practical Case Discussions.

Critical Analysis: This proposal is novel and bold. A finance club in a technological institution may be frowned upon by some purists as a means to dilute the focus on core engineering. But there is no mistaking that a career in finance is becoming a rave option for KGP graduates. The proposal is also fairly well documented (from what the candidate gave us), however, no email replies have been included, which raises the big question whether any of the high-profile people whose names have been mentioned actually agreed to this and to what extent. There’s also the question of a sudden overdose of clubs springing up all over the campus if all these proposals are implemented.

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