Following up with the VP

Last semester, The Scholars’ Avenue organized an ‘Ask me Anything’ session with the Vice President (VP) of Technology Students’ Gymkhana, Atal Ashutosh Agarwal. We took it up to widen the band of interaction between students and the VP as well as to facilitate the redressal of our readers’ concerns. The Scholars’ Avenue saw an overwhelming response, which extended the session by a good couple of hours. It sure was fun!


A lot was questions were raised and suggestions were offered. Here ( is a quick recap. We figured that it was only fair that we check up on the progress of the suggestions agreed upon. Therefore, we sent Atal a relevant checklist asking for status on things. The response is up for your scrutiny.


  • To-Do: Meet with Career Development Centre (CDC) administration to talk about having Research Scholars’ representation in the Placement Committee so that more relevant companies can be contacted for placements.
    Progress: In a meeting with the CDC Vice Chairman and the Dean PGS&R, many points relevant to the placement issue were discussed, including registering new companies/contacts sorted out by Research Scholars (RS). The Research Scholars will have to submit their new contacts to the departmental (RS) Representative  who can, then, prepare a list for their respective department and transfer it to CDC. An Interface will also be created by CDC that will contain profiles of all the interested RS who have given their enhancement seminars. This interface can be accessed by all registered companies in CDC.


  • To-Do: Conduct a survey/interactive session asking for the students’ views regarding the need for outsourcing CDC, and take it up with the CDC chairman if valid points come up.
    Progress:We conducted a survey with the final year students after they got placed, asking them about the performance of CDC and their opinions on the entire placement process. The results are very pretty satisfactory and the feedback, very positive. The final years, who were the actual stakeholders, do not think that any issues exist with the current system and so we do not think that outsourcing CDC would be necessary.


  • To-Do: Formalize a Maintenance and Monitoring Committee, to handle complaints and repairs.
    Progress: We need a group of dedicated people who are interested to be a part of such a committee. When we released the form asking people to step up for the same, very few people applied. Though a committee has been formed, it is still in the state of drafting the execution plan of the committee and so, not much work has been done.


  • To-Do: Facilitate a Biogas Generation Facility to process waste generated within the campus
    Progress: Prof. Ghangarker of Civil Engineering Department is working on it. If anyone is interested in working on the project, they can contact me (Atal), and I can connect them to him.


  • To-Do: Speak to Professor Soumya K. Ghosh about students using the OpenStack computing facility for research.
    Progress: . Some of the research groups are already using it. I know that Team AGV has an account on it. The onlything that an individual/group needs to have in order to access this, is a professor’s permission and I think that it is important to keep this hurdle inplace to prevent any misuse.
  • To-Do: Release a video to encourage more people to pitch in for the mascot idea
     Progress:  Done


  • To-Do: Talk to HMC about optional mess enrollment for the semester.
    Progress: Mess is a complete mess. I will tell you the whole problem of mess through a mass    email.


  • To-Do: Talk to CIC representative about CIC blocking of ssh traffic
    Progress: The problem here is that the CIC needs someone with an expertise in controlling the ‘wrong’ things on the internet, doing which is pretty difficult. The bandwidth also becomes an issue in this case.


  • To-Do: Talk to the PTI or Gymkhana President about the timings for playing badminton to better suit RS people.
    Progress: I have raised this issue with the President of Technology Students’ Gymkhana as well as the Dean SA, they said that there is a problem of  security after the allotted timing as there would be nobody to take care of it. Some other issues also exist and I can talk about them to the people concerned personally.


This first session of AMA was a tremendous success. If you agree with us, watch out this space for the possibility of another one.

Psst – even if you don’t, you can still watch out for the prospect of raising your still unanswered questions and discussing your ideas. ;)

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