Flyover Outside Campus

For over 40 years, the work on the flyover presently being constructed outside the Institute campus had been subjected to unjustified delays. Sources say that the cost of the project, now underway, is being shared between IIT (25%), Railways (37.5%) and the Public Works Department, State Government (37.5%). A letter of acceptance was granted on 5th February, 2009 to initiate the construction work. We spoke to Prof. Dhang, who heads the Civil Works Department, on this issue.

He clarified that the project is actually handled by Metro Railways, Kolkata which in turn hires a contractor in. However, Prof. Dhang shared information on the technical specifications of the bridge that he hopes will be ready in a few months. The two-pronged road over bridge that will connect our campus to ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and ‘Little Sisters Restaurant’ is expected to cost the Institute about 24 crore INR. The main bridge is about 880m long and is supported by 35 piers while its 245m-long forked branch will be supported by 12. The main bridge shall be two lanes wide (around 7.5m) with footpaths on either side.

30% completion of the construction work has been achieved. It is difficult to say when the flyover will be operational as information on the deadline isn’t available with the CWD, but other sources stated that the target has been set at 8 months. There may be reason to be optimistic though, as unconfirmed reports indicate that the contractor for this job was recently replaced due to unsatisfactory performance. Prof. Dhang maintained that if the new contractors work diligently, the flyover could be ready by June next year. The Scholars’ Avenue promises to follow the latest developments, if any, on this matter and present them to you in future issues.

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  1. G Singh says:

    Seeing the bridge and work, it seems it will take more 1 year to complete.

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