First Year Selections

We are hiring !!


So there’s this busy group of people around town.


They stand on tiptoe to get a better view, their ears are pricked  to hear what could matter.


They clock nights designing pages and power the campus buzz on the web.


This is a group that can be varied and quirky. They’re vacuum sinks for quality cake and, well, won’t take lightly to grammatical mistakes you make.


A talented, self-driven group of people who slap together stuff to bring news to the campus and beyond.

Would walking down this road interest you ?

Would you like to join The Scholars’ Avenue ?

We welcomed your first steps into Kgp, and we now welcome you to be a part of our team.

Selections for first years will be held on 17th (Monday) and 18th (Tuesday) October, 2011 at Vikramshila(V3) from 6 pm.

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