ETDS Shines in NLS Bangalore

Best Direction, Best Actor, and runners-up for the Best Production. At a major national-level dramatics competition held 2000 km away from home.
The English Technology Dramatics Society proved once again how a group of budding engineers can be drama queen-ish enough to win bragging rights, not just in their own backyard, but also in lands far, far away. We’re talking about Admit One, organized by the National Law School, Bangalore. Held between the 10th and the 12th of September, Admit One saw teams coming from Ahmadabad (NID), Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore (Christ College and St.Joseph’s College), and a host of other cities from all across the republic.
ETDS performed a silent play, ‘The Curious Tale of Dr.Caligari’, which is their adaption of a German motion picture from the 1920′s.
With elaborate sets, talented actors, and a brilliant live music score, they conjured the right mix of theatre and theatre, which got the the judges impressed and invited rapturous applause from the audience.
Rohit Chotai, with his flawless dramatization of Dr.Caligari, won the Best Actor award here for the third time in as many years, a phenomenal achievement considering the kind of talent that the competition sees every year. Other notable performances include those by Soumya Pasumarthy, Kaustubh Khare, and Rishabh Poddar.
All in all, with the success of their silent play, ETDS has proved for us that timeless adage – actions speak – nay, they scream louder than words.

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