E-Cell Business Plan Competitions launched.

Entrepreneurship Cell is searching for innovative and enterprising ideas through its Business Plan competitions. Their competitions provide a platform for students to get excellent professional mentorship from our experienced, varied and distinguished mentor pool, and to showcase their ideas in front of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Industry Leaders. If you want to turn your idea into an entrepreneurial venture, then this is the perfect platform for you.

The different competitions are as follows:
  • Concipio: Concipio is the annual in-house BPlan competition, open only to students and alumni of IIT Kharagpur. Winners of this competition are eligible for funding of upto Rs.10 lacs through TIETS, started under the aegis of SRIC. http://www.ecell-iitkgp.org/competitions/concipio
  • Envision: Envision is the annual product design competition. The aim of this competition is to provide an arena where the next generation of block-buster products can be showcased and to provide a platform for the winners to take their ideas to the next level. With the assistance of TePP (Technopreneur Promotion Programme, Govt. of India), feasible products get upto 45 lacs worth of funding and mentorship. http://www.ecell-iitkgp.org/competitions/envision
  • Eclairez: Eclairez, the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is a platform for social entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. The participants will get a chance to perk up their business plan with our mentorship board and convert it into a successful social venture. The mentorship board will consist of Social Entrepreneurs, Funding Organisations and Venture Capitalists. This event also encourages submissions from working professionals and grass root connectors. http://www.ecell-iitkgp.org/competitions/eclairez
  • Negocio: Negocio is a web- and mobile-application based B-Plan competition. The competition promises to bring out new ideas and formulate revolutionary revenue models in the Web and Mobile Apps spectra which are yet to be ventured. There is huge opportunity for web and mobile based companies in India because of the increasing pace of Internet and 3G mobile penetration. http://www.ecell-iitkgp.org/competitions/negocio
  • Cleantech: Cleantech Challenge is a clean technology oriented B-Plan competition. The first of its kind in India, Cleantech Challenge provides a platform for those who believe in making profit, without harming nature, but conversely, by preserving it. E-Cell has taken the initiative of conducting a cleantech business plan competition to help accelerate the process of turning a budding idea in the cleantech sector into a fully-fledged functioning company. http://www.ecell-iitkgp.org/competitions/clean_tech
Submission Details:
Please submit the executive summaries of your Business Plans to the following email addresses. The Executive Summary should be of not more than 500 words.
Last date for submissions is 31st October, 2010.
The shortlisted entries will be provided with quality mentorship by our mentor pool through the months of November and December, before the final rounds of the competitions, to be held at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 2011, at IIT Kharagpur, from 14th-16th January, 2011.
For further queries, contact:
Chanakya Hridaya
+91 96744 50231

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