Decoding CodeClub

The Scholars’ Avenue talked to Yash Bajaj, General Secretary of the Computer Science and Engineering Society, about one of the newest additions to our army of clubs and societies. Why was it necessary to create CodeClub? What exactly does it do? These and a lot more things were buzzing about in this reporter’s head as he approached Yash, to talk about something he was clearly very enthusiastic about.

Q) Why did you feel it was necessary to create an organization like CodeClub?

A)  There is no coding culture in IIT-KGP unlike institutes like IIIT-H. However, people do achieve stuff like Google Summer of Code, Facebook interns, etc. so we know there are good coders. We aim to create a systematic platform where people can gather and code in a group. We also aim to enhance participation from IIT-KGP in other coding competitions like ACM-ICPC (The Association of Computer’s Machinery’s Inter-Collegiate Programming Competition), where we have never seen a team from KGP reach the international finals. The participation in Bitwise (the CSE department’s annual coding competition) too is poor. It is usually people from other colleges and other countries who win here. Another major reason is the internship tests. A certain software company may be open to the CS, ECE and EE departments. While the students from ECE/EE people might come up with algorithms quickly, they may face difficulties because there are several other concepts like time complexity etc. that have to be kept in mind and which are taught to CS students. If they already have an experience with coding, have been exposed to the classic algorithms, can easily think of the optimum space/time issues, then students from other branches may find it much easier to solve such questions.

Q) Define CodeClub for me in one sentence.

A) A student body which plans to hold fortnightly coding competitions and fortnightly discussions on the questions asked.

Q) Which are the events organized?

A) Two events have been organized : CodeNite & by Microsoft. An amazing 320 people participated in code, and we finally had submissions of 48 hacks, a major improvement in comparison to the 19 hacks last year. Tentatively, we also plan to have an appathon with BlackBerry. We held CodeNite 1.0 last month – an algorithmic coding competition for KGPians – in association with CodeChef. Also, there will be another CodeNite (2.0) conducted before the end-semester examinations.

We are extremely happy with the number of people coming forward and joining our efforts. We discovered that there are many people who actually loved coding and all they needed was a good platform.

Q) Who are the people involved?

A) There are 3 Governors – Yash Bajaj, Sahil Arora, and Ashish Vasava. The first two are General Secretaries and the third is the President of the CSE Department Society. There are also five second year secretaries, as well as first year coordinators.

Q) What is the USP of CodeClub?
A) There are many websites like CodeChef to use if you like coding. CodeClub, on the other hand, gives you a chance to know where you actually stand as compared to the rest of your peers on campus. With this in mind. we plan to bring out an intra-KGP ranking system after the next CodeNite and for all the CodeNites after that.
The enthusiasm that emanated from Yash’s answers was so infectious that the reporter himself was wondering why he shouldn’t sign up for some of these events. Extremely well-defined and well-oiled, CodeClub looks set to become an important platform for the KGP coding community, that has the potential to foster the spirit of programming – competitive or otherwise – among the KGP student community. “Hello, World” on your mind, anybody?

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