Candle Light March for Ankik

UPDATE: Click here to read Ankik’s Obituary written by Mithun Madhusudhan ( Ankik’s batchmate, 5th Year Undergraduate Student, Patel Hall )

Ankik Dhar, a ’09 graduate of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering and ex BTDS Governor, passed away yesterday as an unfortunate victim of the recent Terrorist strike on a popular Pune Bakery.

A candle light vigil in Ankik’s memory is being arranged today at 6:30 PM starting from his former hall of residence, Patel Hall.

We offer our sincerest condolences to Ankik’s family and friends.


  1. Karthik says:

    May his soul rest in peace..

  2. Hari R Shyam says:

    R.I.P mate

  3. Anselm Fernandez says:

    Ankik and his sister Anandi both met with this unfortunate incident. So were 3 of his friends (2 of whom were BIT MESRA ’09 graduates). May their souls Rest In Peace.

  4. Venky says:

    Terribly sad and shocking.
    May their souls rest in peace.

  5. Arun Bharti says:

    I heard the confirmed news from Tushar. I felt helpless and crying. May his soul rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences are with his family.

  6. prithwis says:

    All lives are precious, but those whom we know seem to be all that more precious. What is even more tragic is that someone as bright as this had had his life snuffed out by some semi-literate moron who has been convinced that this heinous act will take him to paradise !!

  7. Akhtar Jameel Ansari says:

    I am a graduate of Communication Engg Dept of IIT Kharagpur from 1974 batch. Ankik’s death has perturbed me to such an extent that I can’t describe.

    I pray that his soul rest in peace and God gives courage to his family to bear this irreparable.

    A J Ansari

  8. Raghu Ram Bhat says:

    A dear life lost – without any reason. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

    Raghu Ram Bhat, Patel hall 1981

  9. Surya Pratap Mishra says:

    May the souls rest in peace. It was very tragic and disturbing to hear of this incident :(

    Nehru Hall,2008

  10. Kaushik Saha says:

    May Ankik’s soul rest in peace

  11. Rajat says:

    It’s shocking…..May his soul rest in peace…

  12. Sangeetha P says:

    Dear Ankik’s mom, i know this is very difficult time for you to go through, which cannot be explained. Only the experiencer will know what the experience is. May you over come your silence and move on.

    Peace for mankind

  13. S S Jain says:

    Ek Lou is tharah kyun bhuji mere maula….

  14. asitava "Ash" says:

    I am a 1972 graduate and I am sorry for the family of Ankik. He is like my own son and I am feeling the loss of a bright IIT kgp ian and am angry at myself for not being able to take on these killers.
    Long LIve Ankik. This corrupt world will kill many more and maybe ankik will be born again an and kill his assassinators.


  15. asitava "Ash" says:


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