Blueprint for a Better Future

“The increase in student strength on campus this year has created its own challenges.”  - from our August ’09 issue

“If stories about the increase…are giving you jitters…” – from our April ’07 issue

“A new….is being planned…”  - often makes an appearance“The increase in student strength on campus this year has created its own challenges.”  - from our August ’09 issue

“If stories about the increase…are giving you jitters…” – from our April ’07 issue“A new….is being planned…”  - often makes an appearance

Rather than harp on the visibly apparent problems thrown up by a rapidly expanding student population, Prof. N. Dhang prefers to accept the fact in all its reality and prepare to meet the challenges that will undoubtedly present themselves. As head of the Civil Works Department which carries out all the construction-related tasks, he’s made available to The Scholars’ Avenue a comprehensive and detailed master-plan of all intended expansion projects. A vision of the future: in one place, in one map, for all to take note of.  Agreed, it’s only a blueprint with artists’ impressions and there aren’t accurate deadlines set for each of the projects, but the very scale is impressive: from a Nalanda to complement Vikramshila to new circulation routes that could expand our conception of a world of 2.2 kms. Furthermore, a plan laid down also becomes a plan that we, as a well-informed campus community in general, can expect and demand results from.

To be sure, there are still areas that remain fuzzy, for example the idea of a food court. Over the years, we’ve seen its location being juggled between the PAN loop and behind the Gymkhana and its form vary from an eatery to a three-story plush hangout. Or making Jnan Ghosh SF-friendly (with the help of a concrete stage, for one). As per Prof. Dhang, the student body coming forth with suggestions or specific opinions on the matter could make a difference, and he is interested in presenting his ideas to them and receiving their feedback. Prof. Dhang was in fact eager to see these designs disseminated among people of the campus.

And what is his take on the labour problem? “It’s a myth. One must not make up his or her mind that it is something which cannot be solved. The work in RP, Azad and MT halls being completed on time is proof that with effective management, these problems can be solved.”

Areas for erecting the Bidhan Chandra Medical Science Institute and Gurukul, a complex to house researchers working in inter-disciplinary fields have been earmarked; Kendriya Vidyalaya might be relocated to make way for another women’s hostel…count on us to keep track of further developments. With that, we leave you to go through the ambitious expansion scheme yourselves.

Student Activity Centre North

Come Dec 2011, and IIT KGP (in commemoration of its diamond jubilee) will be the proud host of the 46th Inter IIT sports meet. And what the Bird’s nest was to the Olympics at Beijing, this SAC will be to KGP. This center will sport (yes, pun intended) a squash and a billiards court, a yoga room and a multi-purpose hall among others. The master plan reeks of an international design with a renovated lake and a promenade to boot.

Completed by: Jun 2011

BR Ambedkar hall of residence

Coming up on the eastern borders of our campus, this hall is all set to usurp MMM when it comes to size. With a total floor area of 24 square metres and a capacity of 2000 students, this hall embraces smart architecture ensuring a quadrangle for every wing.

Completed by:  Nov 2011

Lal Bahadur Shastri hall of residence

With construction in full swing and the basic structure completed, LBS will hopefully keep its date with the completion deadline. It will house 480 rooms spread across 13 blocks and can comfortably accommodate 2000 of us. Intelligent floor plans adopted here will ensure optimum open spaces between the blocks and will aid an airy and well lit environment.

Nalanda lecture complex

This will be the first in a series of projects in what is being developed as the “south campus” of IIT KGP. The master plan provides for 4 blocks with a gross seating capacity of an unbelievable 34,080 students! Plus, Netaji and Kalidas get a new sibling. Presently though, under the first phase of construction, a block to seat 9600 students comprising of 60, 120 and 240 seater lecture halls is in the initial process of construction. The first block is due by July next year. To make for the construction, the NCC office will be shifted to a location outside DVC gate.

Chanakya hall of residence

Three  6 storied blocks, a central food court and sports area, solar heating and lighting, rain water harvesting and fully green construction. 400 rooms and 50 studio apartment. Mammoth, huh? As part of an experiment, the Hall is being planned to function on the build-operate-transfer principle- put to practice already in National Highways- wherein a contractor manages the place for a lease period (generally 33 years).

First Year Laboratory

Will house, as the name suggests, all first years’ laboratory classes, excluding the Chemistry Lab. Now before you go “Where’s my Arena?” let us inform you that for now, a patch of land chosen in the vicinity of RGSOIPL might serve, after an amount of grooming, as the grounds for KTJ’s nerve-center.

My way or the highway! - A word on circulation

What with the outermost reaches of our (huge!) campus being reclaimed from the wild, the need arises for a new set of ring and arterial roads. For most of us, it would be alarming to even visualize how traversing an almost 8km ring road would be! But then, you would have a separate walkway, a pathway for cycles exclusively and a section of the road for motorized vehicles.

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