B. C. Roy Hospital Launches Website

After serious efforts allowed the much-delayed Gymkhana website to see the light of the day, the B.C. Roy Technology Hospital has followed suit with its own functional website –

The website makes it easier for the students to get an appointment or access outdoor schedules and to check the availability of doctors at any given time. The hospital website lists its team of doctors and hospital staff entrusted with the task of ensuring quality health care. The hospital presently contains separate departments and centres including an emergency unit, student wards, cabins, an isolation ward, pathology, radiology, eye department, dental department, physiotherapy unit, ultrasonography, echocardiography, a 24-hour in-house pharmacy, seminar room, and a tele-medicine unit.

Available for download on the website is the hospital’s Students Insurance Policy. Students can avail of this facility using their institute identity card and membership number provided by the insurance company.

The website is a succinct summary of all that the hospital offers, and more. The website also has an online forum where students can find out about the hospital’s infrastructure and post their queries and comments. This is an effective technique of keeping the campus updated with the latest news, and functions as an online survey to help the hospital improve its facilities.


  1. Praful P Pai says:

    Everything okay with the report except the website link itself is missing.

  2. Shah Rohit says:

    Can you please make this web-site available?? It’s so required,or if you all are busy, please give me name of it’s admin.

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