A Tete-a-Tete with Mr. Rinshul Chandra

With the former VP having initiated a series of ventures toward the end of his tenure to enhance the quality of the KGPian’s life, TSA brings you an update on the status quo.

The establishment of the food joints seems to be running behind schedule. With the administration of the opinion that the CCD express stall in Vikramshila complex is operating erratically, its license has been revoked. Lavazza has been given the spot instead. Dominos is now off the cards, with the negotiations failing to reach a consensus despite commendable efforts by Rinshul. Rooster’s Chicken and Subway have been allocated space on the ground floor of Nalanda, with construction underway. The deal with Subway too was passed after much arbitration with the agreement being shuffled several times between India and the United States. The deal with Dosa Plaza, too, is through. The administration is contemplating holding all placement events at Nalanda complex. This bodes well for the food joints as it would be highly desirable to have good food at a convenient distance for the stressed out students and recruiters. The KFC deal is being personally handled by the Registrar. The agreement with the food joints includes a minimum of 30% subsidy on all items on the menu.Fashion Nazis can now rejoice as Jawed Habib salon is operational in Tech Market ,as of 28th August.

The proposal for the Central Laundromat behind BC Roy hospital has been summarily approved with a huge space being allocated for the purpose. Meanwhile, a more ambitious proposal of procuring 4 machines for each hall was introduced. On a trial basis, an order for six machines has been passed. Four of these are to be placed in the four blocks of MMM and the remaining two will be placed in SN/IG. The services will be provided to all students free of charge.

The Gymkhana fees have been elevated from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. Since the institute independently provides an amount equal to the total Gymkhana fees, the budget of the Gymkhana is set to be quadrupled. A Gymkhana ERP is also in the pipeline. The proposal is to provide every student in the institute an account which can be used to validate all institute level achievements. The selection process of PTIs/Sports Officers has been concluded and the new staff will be joining the institute in a few days.

On the academic side, proposals have been introduced for a Career Development Center and an Application Cell under the aegis of the Training and Placement Cell. TNP ERP is almost complete and is likely to be introduced for placements this year.

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