A Scientific Alliance

When IIT Kharagpur was established in 1951, it was with a vision of a national institute where the country’s brightest minds would come together and work for the progress of science research and engineering. Our institute has come a long way since then and with advent of the diamond jubilee celebrations this year, came the news of a scientific collaboration between IIT Kharagpur and the Centre for Advanced Research set up by Dr.Mani Lal Bhaumik ,who not only stands as the first PhD graduate from the institute, but also as a world-renowned physicist.


The collaboration is to lead to the construction of a research hub which will provide post graduate and PhD programmes for students. It is envisioned that scholars from around the world may work together in aiding the research. Focus will be mainly in the disciplines of Energy Science and Bio-informatics.


The park is to cover 15 acres and will be located at Rajarghat in Kolkata. There was an initial tussle regarding the possession of the land, but reports claim that the verdict will be in favour of the construction of the Science Park.  The estimated investment for this project lies at about $300 million, half of which will be contributed by the Mani Bhaumik Foundation.


All going well, the research hub should be ready in about 3 years time and seems like a positive step towards the progress of advanced research and the creation of cutting edge technology in India.

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