Soc-Cult GC Round Up

Nehru’s imperious half-decade long clasp on the Soc-Cult General Championship was in tatters when RK’s juggernaut capitalized on its impressive run in the Autumn Semester. A string of Golds for RK (14 to be precise) and a dramatic turn of events (pun intended) perpetrated by SN sealed the GC for RK.


The Entertainment events had their fair share of melodrama this time around. A change of venue mid-way during the Western groups, owing to bad sound quality in Kalidas led to some unrest.  A professional sound system was called in at Netaji and the event restarted after having lost 48 hours. Gold winners RK stole the show on Day 1 with their rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, The Who’s Baba O’Reily andMotherjane’s Chasing the Sun. Kaushik and Sayanta were the stars for RK with their violin prowess being put on a majestic display. SN wowed the audience with their heart-clenching vocals. 1st runner’s up Nehru set the tone on Day 2 by improvising to Pink Floyd’s High Hopes with some fine metal riffs. Bronze winners Azad brought back the hard rock era in their show.


Western Instrumentals was also a delightful treat for any music aficionado. RP Hall’s Rohan stunned everyone by playing a guitar instrumental, Glasgow Kiss, on a keyboard. RP won joint Gold with RK while MS settled for the Bronze.

The Ent-Cup however ended on a dismal note when Eastern Groups saw only 4 halls participating, as RK had already sealed the GC and the Cup. A pleasant surprise came when a twenty-strong choir from RK did the sound check with ‘Pyaar Humein Kis Mor Pe Le Aaya’ leaving the audience in splits. The rankings stood as Nehru, Azad and RP for the three podium places.



Traditionally, a junta-intensive and formula-oriented affair, the Dramatics Cup this year saw some Halls willing to experiment with different styles and genres of theatre. However, the finale was scripted by the ladies of SN, their consistent run helping them bag the coveted Cup, a trophy almost never out of PAN’s clutches. Patel’s adaptation of ‘Richard III’ for English Dramatics -a rare Shakespeare play for the Netaji stage- and SN’s shot at Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ with some fine individual performances and grandiose sets, fetched them the Gold and Bronze respectively. Nehru stuck to tried and tested territory with a play on the 1857 Sepoy mutiny, grabbing a well-deserved Silver for their efforts.

Choreography saw the same trio again sharing the honors among themselves with SN clinching the Gold followed by Nehru and Patel. There was a feeling shared by many that SN’s theme, the proverbial ‘Naari Shakti’ in one of its multi-faceted avatars, is hackneyed now and even undermines their genuinely powerful performances to an extent. Azad and RK’s choreo (“inspired” from the same source) was not the first and certainly not the last time KGP has seen such an embarrassing gaffe. It would not be wrong at this juncture to question the validity of the event in the GC calendar considering the falling standards and the repetitive themes.

Hindi Dramatics turned out to be a drab 3 days with very few new dramatics to offer. Azad’s ‘Andha Yug’ won Gold while Silver winners Patel too pulled an old one from their bag of plays. SN completed the top three. Another notable play was RK’s Hindi adaptation of Tagore’s ‘Bisarjan’ which saw two of KGP’s finest actors Jitendra Kumar and Rishabh Poddar deliver a scintillating performance. The battle for the Dramatics Cup went to the wire – Bengali Dramatics proving to be the decider. A medal for them and none for SN would have given Patel the Cup, however that wasn’t to be as RP sprung a surprise by taking the top honors followed by Azad and SN. Meanwhile, Nehru’s team left their competitors at distant shores in Dumb Charades recording one of the fastest times in recent years



RK’s dominating run, winning 5 out of 6 events, is pretty much the story of the Lit-Cup. This semester saw four events. Hindi Elocution and WTGW were both snapped up by RK . The Soc-Cult Quiz held recently yielded some interesting results as rookies MMM finished second, LLR placed first and MS roped in at third as the usual suspects on the Quiz scene floundered.

Overall, it’s pretty safe to say that this year has seen one of the most interesting and fiercely fought Soc-Cult GCs yet.



  1. Dear Scholars' Avenue please set your record books straight as the event Hindi dramatics did not take place in the year 2008 so the question of Azad repeating Nehru's 2008 play does not arise.

  2. Rakesh Reddy says:

    the editor should apologize for this falsified content…

  3. these faults or say rumor will just reduce the importance of the news used to come about kgp campus, how could such a dignified press make such a cheapish news with just a little acquaintance…

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