RK Defends Inter-Hall Debate Gold

The inter-hall debate, held on November 3, asked participants to weigh environmental concerns against economic ones, against the backdrop of political drama. With the exact motion being Environmental concerns are being misused for political reasons to hinder India’s economic growth, each hall sent in two participants, one arguing for and one against the motion.

Various examples were cited throughout the debate, from the Vedanta fiasco to the Koodankulam nuclear power plant. The two judges, P Mukherjee of VGSOM and SB Singh of Metallurgical and Materials Department looked thoroughly impressed with the eloquence and in-depth analysis of some of the participants, some of whom would have given Barack Obama and Mitt Romney a run for their money when it came to public speaking.

Till almost the end, the debate seemed to be heading Azad’s way before Kaustubh Khare stepped up and delivered a speech to remember. His realistic way of looking at things and a speech full of optimism sealed the deal for RK who won gold. Azad and SN won silver and bronze respectively.

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