Looking Back: How the General Championships Unfolded


The story of this year’s General Championships has been largely one of PAN domination, with MS Hall, the winner of the Sports General Championship, the only outsider to the PAN loop to make it to any of the podiums. Nehru, Azad and Patel account for the three tallest scrapers (in descending order of height) on both the Technology and Social and Cultural charts.


The Social and Cultural General championship was dominated by Azad for the better part of the year until Nehru raced to the front with a spectacular performance in Bengali Dramatics, which it followed up with Gold-winning performances in Western Groups and English Dramatics, and a bronze-winning Eastern Groups performance to finish with a gold-winning tally of 770 points. Azad finished a not-so-distant second, with 685 points, while Patel took home bronze owing to their tally of 500 points. Nehru also clinched the Literary and Dramatics trophies while Patel outscored everyone else in the Fine Arts cup, with 2 gold winning performances, and two silvers. RK, meanwhile, emerged as the leader of the Entertainment Cup.


This was a good year for the participants of the Social and Cultural GC, with not many unpleasant surprises, barring the introduction of a few new rules in WTGW which caught some students off-guard. A welcome development was the gold-winning performance of MMM in Hindi Elocution, much to the delight of the freshers, while RK delighted everyone with a much talked-about English Dramatics performance which sadly failed to fetch any points because of overshooting the time limit by a considerable margin. LLR’s performance in the Eastern Groups was another well-received, though medal-less performance.


In Technology, Nehru was the runaway winner, with some daylight separating its 352.5 points from the others in the fray. Azad emerged as the best of the rest with 250 points, and rounding off the top three is Patel rounds off the top three with a tally of 210 points, just ahead of RK which has 205.  Nehru was solid throughout and notched up a podium finish in all but three events, though they won only two solo Golds. Two of the Tech GC’s most exciting moments came in a single weekend via frantic finishes in the Tech and Biz Quizzes – both between Nehru and RK. Up until the final round, both the biz quiz and tech quiz were tied between RK and Nehru. It required a stroke of brilliance by Nehru to win the Biz Quiz while RK just edged them out in the Tech Quiz. These performances had briefly catapulted RK to second place, before they slipped to fourth.


Sports saw some high-adrenalin action and tense competition.  MS and Nehru were neck-and-neck until MS slipped ahead of Nehru with a slim margin of 4 points. Patel was unable to continue its winning streak of last semester and ended 1 point behind Nehru to settle for bronze. LLR was notable for winning back-to-back medals in Volleyball, Badminton and Tennis. MS also established their dominance by clinching gold in Badminton and Cricket, the cricket match going down all the way to the last ball and MS defeating RP by 1-run. A re-match of last years’ finalists in tennis, saw a déjà vu- inspiring ending, with NH defeating LLR 2-0. A defeat to MS in the quarterfinals meant that this was the first time in five years that Patel failed to lift the basketball trophy. One of the marked differences seen from last year was the dip in the performances of PG halls, especially in cricket.


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  1. deepesh says:

    Semms like Nehru itself on one side has more weight than the rest institute on other.

    Nehru > Rest of the institute

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