Inter-Hall Western Vocals 2011

“Walk in any time after 6 pm, and on your left you’d have someone lending his or her amplified voice to the creation of music, and on your right, you’d find a packed crowd, lending their collective voices (and noises) to the appreciation of the performer in front of them”

If doors could talk, the one at Raman Auditorium would have been saying that on the evening of the 21st.  With the Western Vocals Inter-Hall Competition underway, it was the place to be at that evening.

The competition saw the halls put forward their best songsters to show who the boss is when it comes to entertainment, and they didn’t disappoint one bit. With keyboards, drums, electric and acoustic guitars as accompaniments, the vocalists in many cases found the right backing to complement their singing quite well. Of note, Hridya Ravimohan of SN became a one-woman-band for her first song, playing the keyboard and the bass drum while simultaneously singing with amazing control.

The night folded with the announcement of the results, which had Moromjyotee Sonowal of Nehru placed first, followed by Aaron David Mendonca of Azad at second place, and a tie for third place between Kumaresh Sardar of Azad and Pranoy Chaudhuri of MS. In the overall standings, it was gold for Azad, silver for Nehru, and MS completing the podium.

The Scholars’ Avenue congratulates the winners, noting that it’s on nights like this, when you get to witness four continuous hours of near perfect musical renditions that you truly begin to sense the enormous talent packed within the walls of our campus.

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  1. Ahor says:

    When did all these events took place…??? I never see a notice for any upcoming events but only results of past events… I guess we need to circulate even news far and wider if we want a fuller participation………….

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