Inter Hall Ad Design 2011

The winners of Inter-hall ad design are :

Gold: LLR Hall
Silver: HJB Hall
Bronze: Nehru Hall

LLR’s Atoot cement was the gold winning ad campaign this year. Their flash video ad highlighted the emotional connect between cement and its customer, while their print ad was a funny take on insects being able to distinguish their cement from the rest. They made a 3-d billboard showing a domino made of cement stopping a chain of dominos falling behind. Their innovative ad was a mobile application, triggered by QR codes on their print and billboard advertisements, which would display offers and deals on their cement at the customers’ fingertips. Overall their campaign was cohesive, but some questions like, Would an animated advertisement appeal to the actual customers? or Would their innovative idea work in a country with very low smartphone penetration?, remain unanswered.

Dark horses HJB introduced Adwait cement, the moniker inspired by ‘Adwitiya’ meaning second to none in Sanskrit. The entire campaign revolved under the brand’s almost mythical strength. With “Building a stronger India” as their tagline, they tried to play to Indian sentiments too. The print ad showed a drilling machine, its drill bit severely bent in an attempt to put up a portrait on an Adwait cement-ed wall. The billboard mocked a Kung fu exponent trying to break a concrete slab, constructed with the same cement. While the video spot attempted to capture some of childhood’s magic, it received mixed reactions from the audience. The radio ad impressed all with its spotless execution and innovative plot of a gang of robbers surrendering themselves as they were unable to break though walls anymore. All this, coupled with a convincing pitch propelled HJB to the second spot in the competition.

Fortius cement, named after the Greek word for strength was the bronze winning ad campaign presented by Nehru hall. The video ad was a humorous depiction of corrupt practices employed by cement contractors. Rohit Chotai’s tremendous acting in the video managed to tickle the funny bone, evoking a positive response from the audience. The radio ad was a parody of the over-the-top portrayal of news in Indian news channels, while dealing with the issue of corruption once again. The much appreciated print ad was an obituary notice for cracks in walls. The billboard was met with some criticism by the judges for its inappropriateness which reflected poorly on Nehru’s score-sheet. The innovative campaign used stickers of cracks on public spaces like footpaths, steps and walls, to promote their cement. What the campaign lacked was cohesion – there was no underlying theme to the campaign, and the usage of a foreign word as the brand name drew some flak from the judges.

RK hall’s entry, Alcedo cement, named after an exotic volcano from the Galapagos islands, stood fourth in the competition, narrowly missing out to Nehru hall by 6 points. Their entire ad campaign revolved around their tagline – ‘Choose wisely’. Their video ad was a reversed tape of a Lego structure being destroyed by an almighty blow of a sledgehammer, with the intent of trying to show that nothing is safe from damage. Their print ad and billboard captured moments before impending structural disasters, to convince the customer to ‘Choose wisely’ when it comes to cement. For their innovative campaign, they converted public safety notices into ad spots by adding their tagline to them. Of course, Kaustubh Khare’s pitch-perfect presentation impressed the judges and definitely helped their cause. Overall, it was highly consistent, albeit mildly sermonizing, and felt more like a public awareness campaign than an actual advertisement campaign.

The video Ads(Click on the playlist button to see all video ads):

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