Sab Q-tiyapa Hai

Biswapati Sarkar - Does the name ring a bell? The man who’s written,directed and acted in plays that have been praised by the folks of Kgp spoke to The Scholars’ Avenue about The Viral Fever, placements, doing what you love and life, in general. Read on to know more.


TSA: What is The Viral Fever all about?

BS: The Viral Fever is an online youth entertainment network with a singular objective to go beyond the conventional mainstream entertainment. It is a creative collaboration of individuals who have a common agenda to create an alternative source of entertainment for people who are tired of the mind-numbing programming provided day in and day out on Television. The idea is to create specific programmes for our generation which has literally nothing to watch on Indian TV and Cinema and hence has moved on to world cinema and foreign shows. We create programmes for the online audience of this country and so far the results have been beyond our expectations.


TSA:TVF makes a lot of videos and once in a while, one of them goes viral. How does it sustain itself?
BS:  TVF is not restricted to the on-line entertainment programmes. We also specialize in branded entertainment and audio-visual solutions. We have worked with an array of famous brands in this regard including big names like Colgate, Johnson and Johnson’s, Cadbury, etc. So, the TVF network goes beyond our entertainment channel on YouTube and is a part of several famous advertisement campaigns which we are directly or indirectly a part of. Not to mention the large number of corporate clients who come to us for several audio-visual solutions for their companies.


TSA: What prompted you to join TVF instead of sitting for placements like others?How sure were you?
BS: I worked at TVF as an intern for the last 2 years of my college life before joining them. So, I was pretty sure that the work would be more than exciting for me. Also, film-making was something I wanted to pursue in the future, and since learning and experimenting with ideas came naturally as a part of the TVF culture, it was more than logical to join them. I did not sit for placements because despite having a decent CGPA, I knew nothing about my course or any other for that matter. I knew that the only thing I was good at was writing and film-making, so it would have been stupid for me to try and get a conventional job and blame myself for the rest of my life.


TSA: Who was the biggest influence? What was your motivation? Were your parents supportive?
BS: Since TVF comprised  mostly my college seniors, they were the earliest influences. The motivation as I said was less from my passion for cinema but more from my disinterest in anything else. My parents were initially resentful. But, as the time passed their skepticism slowly changed into support because the logic behind their concerns was me suffering financially and being dissatisfied with my unconventional ‘job’. A few newspaper articles and a peek into my bank statement drowned their worries to a certain extent and now my parents are quite happy for me. Thankfully the record about ‘Adults knowing the world better’ has stopped playing.


TSA: How easy was it taking such a decision,doing what you love vs the fear of failure? Most of the people would think over a thousand times before taking a step.
BS: The fear of failure still remains. But, never for once have I been frustrated by the kind of work I am doing. I have several friends who crib day and night about their jobs being meaningless and working in the office seems like working in an inferno for 5 days a week. I work 7 days a week and at times 24-36 hours straight but I have never felt more purpose in doing anything else in my life. Of course, even I thought a thousand times before going ahead with this but not even once I found anything lucrative in a standard 9 to 5 job, except the money of course. And when you make career decisions based on money, you’re bound to suffer.



TSA: You’ve done a lot of plays in Kgp. Can we see you in films as well? To be specific, Theater or Movies?
BS: I have been a part of scripting a film which releases later this year. And I’m also writing a few plays which are about to open in the following months. To answer the second part of your question, movies any day. Theatre is something to let your creative voice flow out till you find a bigger medium like Cinema.


TSA: Your opinion about the general mindset regarding placements on campus.
BS: It’s a very narrow-minded approach people have regarding placements and it’s quite concerning at times. I think the root of it is that most people are unsure about their true calling and hence what attracts them is the number of zeroes in a company’s pay. I think whoever will read this, has to spend more than one-third of his life working for the next 40 years. And if you do not find pleasure in that work, there is no way you can find happiness in your life.

TSA: A lot of people in Kgp are confused about what they want to do in life, and end up following others. Your comments?

BS: It is not wrong to follow others provided you have good ideals in individuals and a realistic understanding of how good you are at what you love. If you do not know the field of work you love, then take time to find it out. Talk to people, research on the web, read books and try to find out what will motivate you every day to get out of that bed and earn your livelihood. And if the feeling is the same like attending a 7.30 lecture for the fear of being de-registered then that is the field of work you would probably want to avoid because once you graduate, there are going to be no semester breaks. It is a long tiresome journey of you working somewhere for the rest of your life till you’re really old. So, take up a journey which might be filled with obstacles, but when you lie on the bed to sleep at night there should be something to look forward to the following day. Keep doing what you love, and everything else will follow.


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