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Training & Placement

We spoke to our T & P in-charge over tea (which did not turn up eventually and had Prof. Goutam Sinha quipping, “Tell that chai-walla that I will turn off his power supply; his switch is right here in my room”). Punctuated by banter and tongue-in-cheek replies, we talked over the intricacies of summer training, new companies coming to campus […]

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14th August ’06: TnP Update

The Scholars’ Avenue team caught up with Prof. Gautam Sinha to clear the haze surrounding this year’s T&P schedule. Q) Why the 5th of December? A) In a meeting of the Training and Placement heads of all the IITs, it was decided that the placements should begin in December even this year. To avoid any discomfort to the companies coming […]

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Alumni Meet Special – 7th Jan, 2006: Placement update

Placement Pulse The ins and outs of the placement process With the TnP section abuzz with activity for the past fortnight and its offices looking more like a war zone as the days progress, SA takes a peek at the placement scene till now. The big rumour going round the campus is that the placement schedule might revert back to […]

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