VP on Placements

In the light of the upcoming placement season, we caught up with the Gymkhana Vice President, Shubham Matah to see how far he has taken his proposal to improve campus placements.

One of the ost promising measures that he had set out to accomplish was the mock GD/PI sessions for all the students who registered for placements, which was supposed to have happened in mid-October according to his estimation during our last interview. Unfortunately, he informs us that this will not be happening this time around due to insufficient funds. The amount allocated to this project by the Registrar was a mere 1/4th of what was needed. In place of what would have been an extremely beneficial one-on-one session with professionals, final year students will have to do with just a seminar that is slated to happen sometime during November. Also meeting with delays was the plan to have student profile pages hosted on the IIT-KGP site. This project has been taken up by the Dean of Co-ordination and Planning and is likely to be completed this time next year. On a happier note, one of the measures that was taken by the VP in relation to placements did bear fruit, namely the appointment of department representatives. According to him, it has been “100% effective” in getting new companies for placements.

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