Unprecedented Day 1 of Placements at IIT Kharagpur, 2012

6 am, December 1, IIT Kharagpur- As a rule the campus would be comfortably sleeping on a chilly winter morning. But this was no ordinary morning. It was, after all, the fabled Day 1 of placements at IIT Kharagpur. There was an unusual amount of activity as one could spot numerous students (who, for once in their lives looked nothing like students in their blazers and ties) cycling to their scheduled interviews. The nervousness was palpable in the air. The members of the Placement Committee could be seen running around with their walkie-talkies trying to coordinate everything smoothly. And soon, the placement process was in full swing. Group Discussions, followed by rounds and rounds of interviews, until a few were left standing. Except this time, it was a lot more than just a few.

 Other big names like Facebook, Google, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and IBM-IRL took a good number of students as well.

The biggest story at the end of Day 1 was Microsoft having offered 8 positions at Microsoft Research, Redmond, Washington, when they have usually taken 1-2 students from every IIT in the past. Another big story, which would restore hope to many junior students, was how all students placed on Day 1 were not the department toppers and 9 pointers, but a fair number of 6-7 pointers too.

Placements for the class of 2013 started on a high note when 170+ PPOs were offered from more than 50 companies by August. If indications are anything to go by, this season might go on to record the highest numbers in placements at IIT Kharagpur till date.

Last year saw approximately 110 offers on Day 1 with most of the same names offering fewer positions. While the presence of big guns like BCG (Boston Consultancy Group), HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) and Transocean were missed, the tentative list of companies recruiting in Phase 1 comprises of a very impressive 252 companies with the addition of industry leaders like Credit Suisse (ENO Prime Services), Nestle and Morgan Stanley.

But this is just the beginning of the story- placements still have a long way to go. Companies have been lined up till December 20th, and that is just for the first phase.

Congratulations from The Scholars’ Avenue team to all those placed on Days 1 and 2, and best wishes to the rest!


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