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It is that time of the year when shorts and football cleats are exchanged for suits and ties, when the buzzwords on campus become ‘resume’, and ‘package’, and when the calm and soporific life of the average final year KGPian is derailed by a slew of tests, group discussions and interviews. It is the time when some of life’s biggest decisions are made and careers are finalised through a rigorous process of evaluation, where the academic knowledge, IQ and overall personality of an individual comes to the fore. Yes, it is placement season – the culmination of your stay in this institute and your stepping

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stone to the professional world that lies beyond.
To help you in your pursuit of making the right choice and getting the ideal placement, The Scholars’ Avenue presentsTnPedia 2012-13. This document is a complete guide to the eligibility criteria, specific requirements and modus operandi of selection of the multitude of companies that will be visiting the campus in the days to come. You will also find suggested preparation strategies and general tips for each, all provided by the students of IIT Kharagpur who have already gone through the experience. We hope that this document will serve as a great help to you during the placement season.
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Hear it from the Placement Committee Head:

With the imminent onset of the placement season, The Scholars’ Avenue caught up with Professor S. K. Barai to gain some insight into the challenges faced by him at the helm of affairs of the TnP cell. Over the course of a video interview, Professor Barai talked about the various methods he has devised and the courses of action he has taken to streamline the process of placing a rapidly burgeoning student population. Despite contacting an increasing number of companies every year, many cannot turn up for campus recruitment owing to the fact that the other IITs also conduct their placements at the same time. Another major problem that has particularly been seen this year is the refusal of PPOs by a large number of students. With the job market getting more competitive with each passing day, it is highly recommended that a student accepts a PPO and settles himself early on without having to go through the rigours of multiple tests and interviews to get placed. There are also cases of companies shying away from KGP or holding the institute in poor light due to unethical and improper actions of students who have already gotten placed in the last few years. Also, students sometimes put inaccurate information in their CVs without realising that a proper checking system is in place for most companies. While there are bound to be problems when dealing with the task of shaping the careers of so many students, such problems can be avoided by a heightened level of integrity. Professor Barai wishes everyone the very best of luck and urges all students to maintain that level as befits a student of one of the primary technical institutions in the country.

To watch the interview, head over to our Youtube Channel.

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