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Recently seen a final year student hitting the gym or poring through a copy of his CV? Wonder not, for the 2010-11 Placement Session is barely two months away. That’s right, Two months are all that lie between nearly 700 students and their oft-quoted hopes and aspirations, and every subtle detail to their presentation, be it their resume, haircut or cufflinks could increase their odds of landing that dream career.

But presentation can only carry one so far; it is well documented that there has always been a mismatch between the academic rigour that students go through at a university and the practical know-how required to thrive in the industry. The first step to bridge this chasm is to abolish the lack of awareness inherent in the system, and bring the students up to speed on what is expected of them from their prospective employers.

In a move to address this need, The Scholars’ Avenue, aided by the Placement Committee of 2009-10, had initiated a little project called “TnPedia” at the beginning of this calendar year, whereby we had contacted several successfully placed candidates from last year’s placement season to provide some pointers into their selection procedures, so that future batches may come better prepared. The intention was not to build just another question bank, but to comprehensively document the selection process from the candidates’ points of view, and to grant the reader an insight into the sort of mindset that companies are looking for.

To our good fortune, we have received detailed responses from as many as 78 candidates thus far, encompassing profiles of over 46 companies that had visited the campus for placements. All of these responses have been collated and uploaded on our site, for easy perusal. As per requests, TnPedia will not be made available outside of Kharagpur’s ip-space, nor will the identities of the respondents be revealed. Nevertheless, we would be happy to clarify any additional questions with our sources.

As it stands, TnPedia is still a work in progress; as the respondents were encouraged to be as detailed regarding their own specializations as possible, there are bound to be several job profiles missed out in our coverage. We hope to fill in the gaps over the years as we collect fresher information from future batches. As an iterative process, requests for contributions to TnPedia will commence again immediately after Placement Season. In addition, we plan to expand our compendium beyond training and placements, and produce a similar guide towards successfully applying to higher institutes of learning as well.

And this finally brings us to you, our readers.  It is our intent to provide the student populace the most comprehensive placement guide within our capabilities. It goes without saying that we would be delighted to hear from you once your placements have finished, and that any contributions made by you would go a long way in helping your fellow students upon their turn.


  1. _manGO_ says:

    Why cant I access
    Blocked for non KGP IPs?
    can i see a mirror somewhr .. u knw u cud sneak is something :)

  2. Editor says:

    Unfortunately, you cannot access the database from outside the campus. :)

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