Placements 2007

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, “Certainly, I can!” Then get busy and find out how to do it.”
- Theodore Roosevelt

You’d wish placements were this simple at IIT Kgp too.

These are strange times. Half your friends must be placed in a well paying job by now and there’d be many who still don’t know what the near future has in store for them. Many who still may be pondering why they weren’t able to make it into this company or that while someone they considered good-for-nothing made it look like a piece of cake. Many who would consider this to be a vindication of 4-5 years of hard work and also many who must be thanking their stars for shining bright on the-day-that-mattered. Many who’ll be wondering if they should have left the company they got placed in to wait for a better one and also many who’ll be wondering if leaving a company they left was such a good decision after all.

These are indeed strange times.

There are various facts that are indisputable, and then there are some others.

What cannot be disputed is the monumentally laudable effort put in by Prof. Gautam Sinha, the TnP staff and the student representatives, many of whom have been working day in and day out – dedicated to the service of TnP.

Indisputably too, the more popular version of this phrase, the one that’s displayed proudly and boldly across the face of the main building – dedicated to the service of the nation – needs some soul-searching from IIT Kgp. It’s a simple question that we need to ask: aren’t we bluffing ourselves? We proudly claim to dispatch our students to only those companies that have an office in India, and leave the IIMs and other IITs behind in this brand of patriotism but even these companies can not later be restrained from sending a few of their most worthy KGP-graduates abroad. 

One also wonders about the logic behind companies sending students who graduated within the last two years to their own campuses for shortlisting and interviewing candidates. It is flattering to note that several companies consider their recent KGP recruits as being capable of deciding others’ capabilities and temperament. It however does leave room for personal biases to come into the selection process.

Shell, though, was one company that received widespread plaudits for the way they conducted their placement process – thoroughly professional and really well done.

A quick round-up of some of the other companies that have come to campus thus far:  Barclays promised lots, in terms of job profiles, but ended up picking students just for Technology. Rio Tinto turned out to be the surprise package of the year. Not many knew about the size of this company before they arrived on campus. It was an altogether different story once we heard about the AUS$ 80-90k CTC they announced! JLL and DTZ brought some cheer to the Dept of Architecture, two of the few companies that offer core jobs to that department. Cairn and Reliance teamed up with Schlums and Shell to make Geology & Geophysics the hottest department on campus this year. And finally, McKinsey and HLL took a  grand sum total of – wait for it – two people. Legendary, ain’t it?!

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