Things to do in your Freshman year

Disclaimer :-  Though the author claims to have written the article based on his experiences as a Freshman and has clearly had the good fortune of not being caught (very often) while performing the non-permissible activities of the lot, The Scholars’ Avenue shall not be responsible for acts out of inspiration.In all probability,you’ll be rewarded with a Hypothetical High-Five.
1. Nap in V’Shila lawns :- You’ve barely managed to keep your eyelids from dropping their guard in the class lest the teacher haul you up. Before you know, the time is up and the next batch of students rush in through the doors of the room forcing you to leave .Outside, the sun has just come out lending a beautiful hue to the surroundings on that cold winter morning. There’s a gap before the next class begins in the Ramanujan Complex. What do you do? Catch up on some sleep under a tree with your bag acting as your pillow.
Meri aankhon mein neend hai, pyaar nahi!

Meri aankhon mein neend hai, pyaar nahi!

2. Reach the Insti Top :- Yes, the top of the tower. Though the author himself has not done it, many claim that the staircase in the old Library room leads to the Light of Knowledge.
3. Take a walk through the Prof. quarters,singing the good ól songs:-  By nature, students like to think of themselves as rebels and wear the badge proudly. Massage your ego by entering the very lions’ den and subject them to your voice, while having a real good time with your pals at the same time .Check this.
4. Play cricket/football/frisbee at the Insti Foyer:-   You’ve walked through the passage countless number of times for various purposes. Societal meetings, classes, study sessions in the library et c. Ever thought of playing gully cricket there? Or, of trying those free-kicks you’ve seen Roberto Carlos pull off with ease? If you haven’t yet, do it. Be wary of breaking the library glass-door and the guards though.
Bend it like Buck Shea!

Bend it like Buck Shea!

5. Play spoilsport to lovey-dovey meetings at Nehru museum/Lakeside :- Nothing like disturbing couples, especially when they’d like to be left alone. The look on their faces while frantically scrounging for cover is enough to give you a hearty laugh. And mummy says laughter is good for health.
6. Fake illness at B.C. Roy :- Works wonders to compensate for (to-be)missed classes/labs and creates fond memories too. Don’t do it frequently though.
I'm sick and I know it!

I’m sick and I know it!

7. Play lock & key/hopscotch at Baski :- Because it is always the simplest of things that give us pure, unbridled joy. Running around/hopping for your life, with the childhood memories of the evenings on the terrace flashing by- Priceless.
8. Explore Kgp on your bicycle :-  Cycle your way around the town at 5 in the morning observing the environment. Simply because there’s life beyond the campus.
9. Walk on the streets just after it has rained. Alone :- The seemingly endless roads are empty. The light from the streetlamps mirrors off the surface as though it were blushing. Light breeze in your hair and silence for company. Absolute silence. Surreal!
baid ki parchayi

The one who shall not be named!

Enjoy your Freshman year while it lasts, it’ll be the most relaxed year during your stay at Kgp . Before you can ask “Yent ra?” , it’ll be gone. Make sure it is worth reminiscing.


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