Myth Busters!

Myth #1: All IITians are nerds

Okay, maybe most of us sort of are, but only in the beginning. Your first few weeks will probably be spent exploring the numerous confines of our huge campus. Instead of going back to your room after class, which would have been your first instinct if you were still languishing in your coaching centers, you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, get all that nerdy-ness out of your system. Enjoy your first year in, take up a new sport, chat up random people, this is the best time for it.

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 Status: BUSTED!

Myth #2: You can start studying a week before the exams and still do well enough

For the general population which is always involved in a spectrum of activities, the notion of acing the exams with a week’s preparation is a tempting delusion. Any Senior who claims to have done so is either “the chosen one” or is as genuine as Rahul Gandhi’s Harvard degree.

Status: BUSTED!


Myth #3: IIT KGP’s DC network is the largest in the country

This is true! IIT KGP has the largest student population and one of the finest LANs in the country. Total share has even been known to cross 300TB! DC will be your go to source for nearly anything, be it for entertainment or academics over the next four years. Use it well.

 Status: VERIFIED!

Myth #4: Library is meant for serious study only

Killing time in between classes? Library. Catching up on the latest news? Library. Short nap after a long lab? Library. FIFA/COD LAN party? Library. Place to flirt when CCD is crowded? Library. KGP has a massive library, with intricate, bookshelf lined mazes. It’s a dream come true for an explorer and a peeping tom, all rolled into one. During exam time, the place transforms into a church of education. People everywhere solving problems, deriving algorithms and whatnot. However, for the rest of the year, it’s pretty much the most happening place on campus during daytime. You’re gonna have plenty of memories there, for sure.

Status: BUSTED!


Myth #5: Attending classes is enough

Simply attending classes is no guarantee against failure, but it sure does help. You might come across some professors difficult to work with. Being a professor in KGP can be challenging. With increasingly large class sizes, and physics-defying time laws working against their effort to meet course targets, more often than not they have to compromise on the quality of their teaching. No need to fret, if you’re looking for some extra tutoring, feel free to contact your profs after class. In KGP, extra help is always given to those who ask for it. You can also turn to other sources, such as the video lectures available on NPTEL, MIT ocw etc.  

Status: BUSTED!


Myth #6: You need to fear your seniors

Contrary to popular belief, you can keep your clothes on at all times and tread fearlessly anywhere on campus including senior halls. Some seniors might even surprise you with their willingness to help.

Status: BUSTED!


Myth #7: Failures don’t get a second chance/You are going to cruise through

In your eventful years at Kharagpur, there are going to be moments when the pressure gets to you (and it’s highly probable that it’ll stem from academics). At these moments, it is important to be able to pull through and step into the next chapter of your life. Learning to deal with failures is a process you will inevitably go through in Kharagpur.  

Status: BUSTED!


Myth #8: Cheddis has only been closed twice since inception

Cheddis is a restaurant in kharagpur that has been catering to hungry students since 1961. It is open 365 days of the year and has only been closed on two occasions in its existence; once during the 1984 Sikh riots Bangladesh liberation war in 1971 and again during a police raid! The Menu 2[5]

The much acclaimed Chedi’s menu


Myth #9: I can expect pay packages like the ones I read about in the papers

Some bubbles need bursting here. While some students do get spectacular offers, they are in a small minority. The figures you might have come across in the papers are only the highest. The average is often many times smaller. You’d do well to keep your expectations under check.placement_myth


Status: BUSTED!

Myth #10: KGP used to be a detention camp

When the British could not accommodate enough people in the existing jails during the non-cooperation movement, they established many new detention camps.  Hijli detention camp was one of them, established in 1930. Hijli jail is now the Nehru museum of Science and Technology and is well worth a visit.


The Prison cells, a relic from the detention camp days.


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