Hot Spots of KGP

Winter is coming. I realized this not because of the awful rhinopharyngitis that has made me love my bed more than I’d want to, this close to end sems, but because of the thinning lovey-dovey population on the streets of Kgp. While the maggu population, armed with caffeine, is busy filling pages after pages, the couples on campus are faced with a challenge to look for new places for..uh, well, group study. So here’s a list of the most prominent romantic locations on campus with the upsides and downsides of each specified.

Jnan Ghosh: A sky full of stars to adore is not the only thing it offers:

Upside: It’s dark, really dark ;).

Downside: 257 species of hungry mosquitoes that come out to hunt at night.


2.2: Many claim to being struck by cupid while on a 2.2. Regardless of the downsides, it’s a good place to start.

Upside: You can stop for food on the way!

Downside: Heaven might shower upon the lovely couple, well, bird droppings.


CCD: As their tagline suggests, “A lot can happen over coffee” ;)

Upside: One of the very few places on campus where you can stay “cool”, even if it’s humid outside.

Downside: It’s a tad bit difficult to confess your immense love for the lady sitting beside you amidst the masala Bollywood music and the heated discussions of entrepreneurs coming out to their friends (about their start-up idea, of course).


The RDC road:A fan made ad describes it very well: “Tired of people judging you while you spend time with your oh-so-cute partner? Then step out of your comfort zone and take your romance to the next level. #ComeToRDC”

Upside: It’s a good way to reveal your “daring” side to your partner.

Downside: The place is supposedly haunted. Word around the campus is that a ghost teleported a girl to an unknown place while the soulmates were coochy-cooing. The guy had to stay single ever after. <the horror>


The island on the gymkhana lake: Islands and romance, might I say more?

Upside: You just watched an adventure flick and desperately want to have a “Journey to the mysterious island” kind of experience, this is THE place to go.

Downside: They say there’s a force which originates from the center of the island and draws out the hundreds of little green bastards to the periphery of the island.


Benches beside the Gymkhana Lake: A bench or a gazebo by the lake is one of the most romantic settings, in my opinion.

Upside: If the date is not going so well, there’s a lake right there. Just saying.

Downside: Owing to the popularity of this one, it’s usually overcrowded with couples and a chance encounter with an ex on a nearby bench might kill the mood.

Department terraces: Departmental dedication taken to the next level.

Upside: An excellent location for a stargazing session.

Downside: There might be some athletics involved to reach your target destination. (cue: jumping, hopping over locked gates etc.)

Gather around your blankets and summon mosquito repellents, ‘cause even if winter is coming, love always finds a way!

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